How to Store Firewood

Do you worry that you don’t have space to store your wood?

Our firewood represents the best value for money when you buy in bulk, because you save on delivery. However, many people worry that they do not have the space to store it.

No need for a shed or barn

Logs need air to circulate in order to further season.That’s why a basic construction like that in the photo works so well.

All they need is a ceiling against the elements

Log stores function better without sides. That’s why in many european countries they stack their firewood first, then place a layer of plastic on the top only.

No need to buy expensive log stores

Basic log stores can be contructed next to your house, such as the one in the picture. It holds 6 Bulk Bags when stacked, and protects from the elements.

When constructing your log store, make sure of the following:

1. Try to put it on a sheltered wall or part of the garden to minimise cross rain.

2. Don’t worry about sides, but if you can, have a decent overhanging roof.

3. Have something along the bottom to keep the logs off the ground.

4. If you haven’t the time to buld it, get a carpenter to do if for you.


Once built, a bespoke log store can actually become a feature of your house.and will look like it’s always been there when filled up logs. It will usually be cheaper than something bought, and will be able to fit the space better, holding more logs for you.

Not enough storage?

Stacking wood like the picture below is just as good as a log store, and is how most of European’s store their logs. Logs stored in this way will burn better than when put in a garage or shut shed as it is important that there is enough airflow around the wood. If your wood shows signs of mould on the end then this means you are not letting it breath enough and there is not enough air flow.

Ideally, try to stack the wood on the side of the house or fence away from prevailing winds and no more than 2 logs deep, although 1 log deep is best.

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