We want you to be completely happy with your purchase, therefore we have written these terms of purchase in order to inform you of exactly what you will be receiving from us. Please click ‘I have read the terms and conditions’ on the order form before ordering to confirm that you have read this page and understand our terms and conditions. 1. Bulk bags not included in delivery – logs come loose packed. We get as much as possible into the builders bulk bags. The bags themselves measure around 0.9 cubic meters and we heap them above the bag line, however the bags them selves are filled via a conveyor belt and the logs fall into the bag in a random fashion so they are not stacked wall to wall as a solid cube. When you buy a bulk bag of wood from Devon Logs you are buying the area size of a loose packed builders bulk bag and not a solid wall to wall 0.9 cube The trailer or truck then tips the logs off at, or as close to, the desired location. We do not We get as much into a bulk bag as possible before emptying into the trailer – this is equivalent to about 0.9 cubic metres loose packed. We do not stack or hand throw the logs and we do not use a crane. 2. Logs are tipped off as near to the desired location as possible. The logs are delivered in a trailer and/ or 4×4 or transit van,and we will manover as close as we can to your desired tip-off point. The small trailer is 6 feet wide. Usually driveway drop-offs are no trouble at all, but if you are unsure and have a steep drive for example, please call to confirm first. 3. Stacking Firewood is extra Often we get asked to barrow logs around the back of a house, or stack for our customers. While we are happy to do this, this is an extra £10 per bulk bag because it requires extra time to complete. Please ensure you have made this clear before delivery. This service may not be available at busy times. 4. Can rain un-season my logs? Most of the time our logs will make the journey from our barn to your front door whilst it is dry, and arrive ready to burn depending on what wood you have bought. – but on occasion they may get rained on whilst on the road if the weather is bad. This is not serious though, as the rain cannot penetrate the wood or undo the seasoning process. When this does happen we advise to store for 2 -3 weeks before burning to allow the surface of the wood to return to optimal dryness. Your logs must also be stored in a log sore with an open front to allow for air circulation. Not a closed shed or store, as this will cause the wood to sweat and turn moldy. 5. Cancellation policy If you should cancel your order, please note that we will charge a 5% cancellation fee of the total order, which will be deducted from your refund. All refunds can take up to 7-10 days but usually processed within 5 working days. Please note that if your order is considered a special order and the wood is outside of our standard offering, no refund with be issued.
Bag Size Large Bulk Bag 1.6m3
Log Size 25cm (standard)
Origin Devon UK
Pack Size Contains the equivalent of 48 small nets
Log Length 25cm (9 ¾”) is the standard length, but also available in 35cm (13 ¾”) Tolerance on length is +/- 10%
Log Diameter 5 -15cm (2 – 6”) measured across widest point.
Moisture Content Average 30-50%. Kiln dried logs average around 20% (some may be a little more, some a little less)
Brash Content Max 5% per bulk bag (brash consists of bark and smaller pieces)
Estimated Lead Time 1-5 working days