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I want to stock up but I'm not sure about storage?
We always say it’s worth buying early and stocking up, and it’s surprising what little space is needed. For example, we have a log store which fits 6 bulk bags. It is 8′ wide by 2′ deep by 6′ tall and open at the front. It fits neatly against the wall of the house and keeps the wood perfectly dry whilst taking up very little space. See our storage page for more details.
How much wood does the average household go through in a season?
On average, for a medium sized woodburner being lit every night over an average winter, you will use between 6 and 9 bulk bags of firewood.
Do you deliver to ... ?
We deliver free within 25 miles of Sidmouth. To find out how far away you are please use the milage calculator here. Deliveries outside this area will be charged by the mile, so it makes sense to order double or triple loads and have us coming out to you just once. For deliveries far away we usually only consider bulk deliveries.
Do you leave the bags?
The bags are used for measuring only and logs are tipped out loose. They are also heavy to move when full so we prefer this method of delivery. If you really need the bags please give us a call before you order and we’ll see what we can do.
How do I pay?
Payment can be made by card or cash on delivery.
Do you stack the firewood?
We do stack firewood at a cost of £10 per bulk bag, and this includes moving them further by hand. Our drivers will get as close as possible before they tip, but if you need stacking or barrowing after this please be sure to let us know.
How big is your trailer?
We have several trailers available for log delivery, so if the access to your house/logshed is tight be tell us when you order so that we can use the smaller trailer. The smaller trailer is just over 5′ wide.
Can you deliver if I'm not at home?
This may be possible if we have delivered to you before – please ask us when you order. We are usually flexible on delivery slots and so can deliver at a time that suits you.

If there is anything you are still unsure about please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



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